Common Security Issues Every App Entrepreneur Should Know

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Mobile apps are omnipresent these days. You think of an app and it’s already there on the app store and play store. Almost every smartphone user, today, has at least one app on his/her device. Statistics say, an average mobile user checks his mobile every 10-12 seconds and mostly they check social networking apps or shopping apps than anything else. If you follow the latest trends in shopping, most users prefer it online and most online shopping is done using these apps only compared to websites. Realizing the huge potential of these apps, most entrepreneurs have already joined the bandwagon and many are in the queue to jump in. 

While appreneurship is quite promising, there are countless challenges on the way to success. Not all apps earn billions of dollars and not all app become as popular and successful as WhatsApp, Uber, FaceApp, Instagram, and YouTube. Most apps fail miserably and end up landing their owners into huge losses. Why this happens? Most apps fail because despite having a great user interface, user experience, and functionality, these apps fall prey to common app security issues hardly most app entrepreneurs pay any attention to. 

In this post, I’ll talk about the app security issues that may jeopardize the success of your app.

Code Injection 

This is a common yet serious issue as hackers are always looking for opportunities to exploit vulnerabilities present in an app. They use these vulnerabilities to inject malicious code. If your app isn’t secure and hackers proof, it may soon lose its credibility among potential users and current users may also uninstall it following the threat associated with having it on their mobile phones.

Breach of Data

Data is precious and if your app fails to protect the valuable data of users, they would better not have it on their devices. Furthermore, they may leave harsh and poor reviews and feedback on Google and Apple stores. Impact of negative reviews doesn’t need to be overemphasized here.

Broken Cryptography

This is another issue that arises mostly due to incorrect implementation or bad data encryption. Attackers can easily decrypt the data by exploiting the vulnerability of broken cryptography in your app. Main cause of broken cryptography is complete dependence on the encryption processes that are built in. 

Misconfigured Security 

Security misconfiguration is a nasty threat and this can happen on any level of the app stack – from the platform, web server, app server, framework, and database to custom code, all are equally vulnerable. 

Weak Data Storage 

What happens most of the times is developers rely on the client storage for data storage. They don’t realize that client storage is also equally vulnerable to breaches. Lack of reliable storage for data is a common security threat. It is, therefore, prudent to add an additional layer of encryption over base-level-encryption that is implemented by the operating system. 

These are the top 5 of the several other issues your app may encounter. With tools like fimo360, you can track, monitor, and pinpoint the various app security issues that arise in the real-world.

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Common Security Issues Every App Entrepreneur Should Know

Mobile apps are omnipresent these days. You think of an app

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